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Copywriting that gives your business a voice

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All about you

Does your content and business literature really work for you? Does it make clients want to hire you or buy your products? No? Well I'm here to help.

Copywriting is a craft. Basically it is the art of persuasion and your marketing, whether it's traditional or digital marketing, needs to be attention-grabbing for all the right reasons.

By using a professional writer, you can:

  • Focus on what you do best – your business
  • Save hours of work involving research and writing
  • Be confident you are projecting a professional image
  • Improve your chances of success

Maybe you have your own content or literature prepared and just need it to be checked over? I can help you with that. I am armed with years of experience of proofing and editing gained in busy newsrooms and can now help you.

In uncertain economic times making sure clients know what you do, and presenting your business in the best light, is critical. If they hear your competitor's name and not yours, where will they go? If they see poor punctuation and grammar, what impression will they get? Give your business the best chance possible and invest in it.

With quality content you can make you website can be as enticing as Harrods' shop windows. 


All about me

Apart from this bit, the rest is all about you and what I can do for you.

Words have been a part of my working life for more than 25 years. Much of my career was spent in newspapers, first as a reporter and then as a sub editor. My role was to check reporters' copy, keeping a sharp eye out for accuracy, and reduce its length so that only words that matter remained. Learning to write concisely is a useful skill for a copywriter as waffle is a guaranteed turn off.

With all that experience at my fingertips I decided to put it to good use and am now doing what I love – writing, working for myself and helping other businesses to grow.

As a writer I have worked with small firms, charities, other marketers and have been involved in projects for the Welsh Assembly Government.


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